FastPokeMap and other best Pokemon Go Scanners and Trackers


FastPokeMap was among the best Pokemon Go Scanner and Pokemon Map available currently. FastPokeMap could help anyone in finding Gen1 and Gen2 Pokemon anywhere in the world. It was a perfect Pokemon Locator. That too for free.

FastPokeMap was accessible at tracker could be used to catch rare Pokémon. But recently it was noticed that FastPokeMap server is down. So people looking for Pokemon go map live trackers and scanners have to go for other alternatives available.

Here, we are going to list down FastPokeMap Alternatives which can be used to track rare Pokemon available in your neighborhood. And yes, you need not walk for finding these Pokemon by using these Pokemon go Pokestop maps, pokemon go spawn map and pokemon go live map .

What happened to FastPoke Map?

A few months ago, Niantic launched some new security updates in order to secure their servers from 3rd party scanners and trackers. A C&D (Cease and Desist) order was issued against all third party Pokemon Go trackers and scanners which led to the downfall of all the third party Pokemon scanner and tracker platforms. This included FastPokeMap as well.

What are the best Fast PokeMap alternatives?

We know that lot of Pokemon Go enthusiasts must be disappointed with this news. But, the journey for Pokemon Go Scanner and Trackers is not over now. There are lot of developers working on reverse engineering to release an update on how to still continue using Pokemon Scanner and Pokemon Tracker.

We are going to list a few Pokemon Go Scanners and Trackers which you can try and see if those are working in your location. Find out pokemon go rare pokemon locations .

What are the best Pokemon Go Scanners and Pokemon Go Trackers?

Following is a list of famous Pokemon Scanners and Trackers which might be working and help you in finding pokemon go pokemon locations. You can check if they are working for you. Find out how to track Pokemon.

#1 PokeHuntr

PokeHuntr is a web-based Pokemon tracker and scanner service. Just like FastPokeMap, it also allows you to real-time track Pokemon anytime, anywhere, from any location in the world.
To check updates and try PokeHuntr, check the following link:

FastPokeMap - PokeHuntr

#2 PokeFetch

PokeFetch lets you track Pokemon realtime. It provides you the facility to scan for free in the poplar areas while it charges a minimal to enable scanning at your desired location.
To check updates and try PokeFetch, check the following link:

FastPokeMap - PokeFetch

#3 PokeWhere

PokeWhere is basically a radar app. Initially, it was available for both Android and iOS. PokeWhere, in real time, scans and displays all the Pokemon around you.
To check updates and download PokeWhere app, check the following link:

FastPokeMap - PokeWhere

#4 PokeAlert

PokeAlert works as an alerting service. It automatically gives notifications whenever it finds pokemon around you. This happens because the app works in the background. Which might take some battery as well. This was designed basically for Android.

UPDATE: As the latest update the download link for PokeAlert is disabled and no new versions of the app have been released. But still, to keep an update on the development of this app, you can check the following link:

FastPokeMap - PokeAlert

Brief History of FastPokeMap

Pokémon Go lovers created FastPokeMap as a 3rd Party Pokemon Scanner and Tracker. This was made you save the efforts of wandering around the streets in your neighborhood to find rare Pokemon.

The user needed to tap on the map and select the desired location. The FPM trackers start scanning in the area selected and find the exact location/position of all the Pokemon available in the desired radius highlighted by the user. Other than the location of the Pokemon, FastPokeMap used to tell you other details like name of the Pokemon, looks and expiration time of it.

As it was a web-based platform, so there was no need to install an app. You could use any device of your choice i.e. Desktop, Tablet, Android, iOS devices etc.

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FAQ – Pokemon Go Scanners and Trackers


Question: What was the technical change in Pokemon Go API which led to the downfall of third-party Pokemon Go Scanners and Trackers?
Answer: In Jan – Feb 2018, Niantic noticed the hack that most of the Pokemon Scanners and Trackers were using. They used an API which was used by the Pokemon Go app’s earlier version. The API was force updated in the latest update of the app. This led to the inaccessibility of Pokemon location data that was the base of these third-party services.

Question: When will be these Pokemon Go Spawn Map and Pokemon Go Live Tracker become fully active?
Answer: This might take some time. As a lot of developers are reverse engineering the latest changes to track down and redeliver existing services


Hope this article helped you in understanding the Pokemon Go Scanners and Trackers. Please share your feedback in the comments. We wish to work on awesome content for you and need your continuous support for that.